Jr. High Incentive Program


         In keeping with school goals to make students aware of their behavior, to maximize teacher/student relationships, and to improve student performance, the junior high works with an incentive program.

         Staff will have stickers to reward students. Students can be rewarded for good behavior, good workmanship, appropriate attitudes, spontaneous helpfulness or any behavior that might be considered above and beyond the ordinary. Obviously, all good behaviors and deeds will be impossible to credit. The stickers will be placed in a “bank”. Students will have the opportunity to “cash in” their stickers for items in the “store”.

         In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in special events ending each quarter. Students will be able to participate if they have had no suspensions or restricted environment time and no more than 1 office detention, and no unexcused absences for the quarter.

         Punch cards are a part of our incentive program. Each student will be given a punch card at the beginning of every quarter. Each time a student fails to complete a homework assignment, the student’s card will be punched. After 5 punches on the card, the student will receive an office morning detention. For each subsequent punch, the child will receive an office morning detention.  Each student can only receive one punch per class hour.