Morgan C.


Morgan C. is the daughter of Brian and Kandy C. She has 3 brothers, Kevin, Nathan and Sean. She plans on going to a 4 year college to study Music.


Favorite Subject: Band

Least Favorite Subject: Math

Morgan participates in FCCLA, Scholastic Bowl, Band, Yearbook Committee, and Chemisty Club.

Memory of High School

"Probably sometime in PE when I was unusually klutzy that day, I hit myself in the face with a birdie, tripped over my foot, and got hit by the birdie like 3 times (in one day)"

Favorites Pt.2

Morgan enjoys TV sitcoms, as well is movies like Horror/Sci Fi, Comidies and others like Anime movies. Her favoritie movie is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Daniel Radcliffe is her favorite actor, and loves to sleep in. She also likes to read, write, listen to her iPod, practice her flute, and annoy her brother.


Piece of Advice

"Don't blow off your school work. You'll regret it with a lower GPA later on, and remember to have fun in high school! Participate in stuff, do all you can!"