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Elementary Reading Rodeo

Libby's Flowers in Bloom

Planting Libby's Flowers

Vocational Ed Expo

Art Club Trip

JH Play

Fishing Sectionals

Earth Day Bird Feeders

The Chicks have hatched!

Pre-K Spring Hats

Donations for Haiti

Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops

Helping Haiti

JH 2nd Quarter Incentive Trip

Jr. High Carrot Trees

K-5 Music Program

D.A.R.E. Graduation

Jr. High Decoration Day

NED Presentation

1st Grade Mural

Pre-K Centers

Red Ribbon Week

Jr. High Red Ribbon Dance

Jr. High Magazine Sales

Jr. High Guitar Hero

Fine Arts Week

Band at WIU Homecoming

8th grade home ec. shorts

Fall Artwork

Halloween Videos

Jr. High First Quarter Incentive

Homecoming Week Activities

Pajama Day

Crazy Day

Color Day

Opposite Sex Day 09

Spirit Day 09

High School September Incentive

Band At Beardstown

Town Homecoming 2009

Open House

Meet Ms. Bair's Class