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2016-2017 events

Grade School Awards

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead Day

Junior High Awards

Sam from assembly

Fine Arts Assembly

1st grade P.E. fun

Junior High Q3 Incentive Trip

5th-8th grade spelling bee

Eagle Day in Mr. Gaither's Room

January Students of the Month

5th grade Eagle Day

Junior High Prevention Day 1/18/17

Walking Text Message

JH Red Ribbon Tie Dye Shirts

JH Ornament Day

JH vs. Faculty Dodgeball

K-8 December Students of the Month

Veterans' Day Assembly 11/10/16

Kindergarten Class Trip 10/25/16

JH Incentive Trip winners have lunch at the Dairy Dipper

Read-A-Thon winners visit Barnes & Noble

Junior High Red Ribbon Week

1st Quarter Junior High Incentive Trip

Ms. Sheppard's last day in Ms. K's class

Information Processing Web Pages

Show and Tell Box Turtle in Ag

8th grade Construction Career Expo

Pajama Day-Homecoming Week

Elementary Read-A-Thon

Flag Etiquette